Dr. William Knudson Discusses the Importance of Researching Podiatrist Reviews

Don’t choose blindly, says Dr. William Knudson.

A podiatrist reviews and treats any number of foot related injuries and defects, says Dr. William Knudson. And, since the feet perform so many valuable functions, it is vital to entrust them to a physician with verifiable credentials and a history of positive podiatrist reviews. Choose blindly and you might regret the decision later, cautions Dr. William Knudson. Currently serving patients at Podiatric Care of Northern Virginia in Leesburg, Virginia, Dr. Knudson has nearly two decades of experience in treating patients with foot problems.

In order to understand why podiatrist reviews are important to research before choosing someone to care for your feet, Dr. Knudson stresses that you must first appreciate all the foot does. First, our feet provide the platform on which the entire body rests. According to this podiatrist, reviews of the feet also indicate that they are the main part of the body that absorbs shock from contact with the ground. Additionally, the foot receives signals from the brain in order to adjust to an ever changing terrain, says Dr. William Knudson.

According to Dr. Knudson, podiatrist reviews of the 26 bones of the foot reveal that this flexible bony structure is subject to a number of bone and tendon related conditions. Bunions, for example, are a section of prominent bone located next to the big toe that may cause an inward positioning of the hallux. During an initial patient exam, your podiatrist reviews whether this condition is related to heredity or poorly fitted foot wear. The foot, says Dr. William Knudson, is also prone to bone spurs, predominately in the heels. According to this podiatrist, reviews of x-rays in patients presenting this condition show a marked correlation with bone spurs to high arches and in those with flat feet.

The bones of the feet are not the only culprits of foot related pain, notes Dr. William Knudson. Joints, the area between the bones, can swell or fail to straighten. The latter condition is called Mallet Toe. This podiatrist says reviews of patients with Mallet Toe indicate that specially designed footwear may help to control other issues that can arise as a result of this condition.

Dr. Knudson says that taking time to read podiatrist reviews can also help you determine which physician has the education needed for your individual area of concern. According to Dr. Knudson, podiatrists like other medical professionals, may specialize in a certain area including diabetes care, children’s foot and ankle issues, and high risk wound care, to name a few. As a general podiatric physician, Dr. William Knudson is experienced in all areas of podiatry. This podiatrist reviews patients seeking reconstructive surgery as well as those with medical conditions that require constant podiatric care.

Dr. William Knudson says that podiatrist reviews should point out the length of time the physician has been practicing in both private care or in a hospital setting. As well, thorough podiatrist reviews will reveal the doctor’s education background and hospital of residency in addition to any extra positions he or she may hold.

To learn more about Dr. William Knudson and Podiatric Care of Northern Virginia visit the practice online at http://www.pcnvonline.com

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  I’ve never written podiatrist reviews before, but my experience with Dr. Knudson and his staff was wonderful, I just had to say something. If you are needing a foot doctor in Leesburg, visit Dr. William Knudson. Thanks to all the staff at Podiatric Care of Northern Virginia, especially Sarah for your care.
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